Gemma Anne Styles is a British journalist, working for The Debrief and MTV UK.

Relation with Harry

  • She is Harry Styles's sister. They have a very close relationship with one another.
  • Harry posted a photo of her graduation day on his Instagram.
  • For the 23rd issue of AnOther Man, Gemma contributed a feature article about her early life growing up with Harry. She talked about what he was like before fame and recalled the day Harry was placed into One Direction, stating: "I stayed nearby [the arena] so that when the call came and he was out of the competition, I could go and commiserate, take him home to Cheshire and school, and back to his normal life. That call never came. He has just kept on winning and winning - maybe not The X Factor, but there's no denying he's golden. My baby brother never came home again. He grew up, and all of our memories became his origin story".

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