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One Direction appeared on the UK September 2013 issue of GQ, with individual covers of the band members being released.




"There will be a short vignette somewhere amid all the smooth hairless torsos, hot white grins and hair product of One Direction's new ­feature-length documentary, This Is Us, wherein the film-makers ask a certified doctor to explain precisely what happens ­physically to a teenage girl's body when she listens to a One Direction song. It's something the director of the film, Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me; Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?), has always been keen to capture on camera, though that isn't to say he's more than a little concerned about convincing a medical ­professional to go on record about such a potentially taboo-­shattering "scientific" experiment. "It's more than likely," he tells GQ, ­laughing his head off, "that I'll have to source my legit doctor from Europe rather than the States. Somewhere a little more progressive!"" [1]


Fans of One Direction started to send hate towards GQ magazine after tag lines on the magazine covers, unfairly portraying the members of the group. Writer Jonathan Heaf also focuses on Styles' life outside the band, even cornering him on his rumoured relationship with Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw, who Heaf calls "Styles' enabler so far as cool London is concerned, and for a period they seemed inseparable, swapping clothes or staying out all night together. At times, rumours circulated that the pair were indeed more than friends." Heaf also writes that Harry "seems to be, quite frankly, working his way through his fair share of pretty young things," including Taylor Swift, Rod Stewart's daughter and a cast member of Made In Chelsea. But later, when asked about the number of women he's slept with—the same controversial quote falsely teased on the cover—Styles is far more conservative than the GQ cover suggests.[2]


One Direction For British GQ Behind The Scenes British GQ

One Direction For British GQ Behind The Scenes British GQ


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