AnOther Man is a bi-annual culture and fashion magazine for men. The magazine was launched in 2005 under the umbrella publishing company Dazed Group. It has its headquarters in London.

Harry Styles appeared on three magazine covers for the 23rd issue of AnOther Man magazine, being interviewed by Beatles singer Paul McCartney and late show host Chelsea Handler.


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"The pop phenomenon celebrates his newfound independence in Another Man A/W16, which offers an unprecedented insight into his extraordinary world. Paul McCartney calls Harry Styles to share some wisdom from the frontlines of boyband mania, including his strangest fan encounters, tips for surviving fame and the joys of going solo. The razor-sharp, straight-talking American talk show queen Chelsea Handler quizzes Harry on life, love and his first ever acting role in Christopher Nolan’s epic tale Dunkirk.

Harry’s big sister Gemma Styles divulges the inside story of growing up in Holmes Chapel with her brother in the years before world domination, when Harry’s only audience was a karaoke machine and his dog Max. Harry brings together his all-time obsessions in a specially curated 24-page section. From Bukowski to the Beach Boys, a 13th-century poet to a lipstick-stained sheepskin coat, his favourite tattoos and personal diaries; this is a rare peek into Harry’s private world. This include a cassette compilation of his all-time top ten favourite tracks including the likes of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley and more." [1] [2]


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